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It was a cold January morning that we sat in the truck pondering the creation of special taco befitting The Superbowl.

After a few shots and God knows how much beers in between, it was decided to just combine all the pork protein that we carried on the truck and see how it worked out.

The next challenge was what to call it. The idea was forged to call it Pig Skin Tacos reference to the football.

The customer base was mostly young men stumbling from the bars after last call and the Police who often arrive before the crowd in order to keep the peace after last call.

To say the least “Pig Skin” was not popular, except for the 3 officers on patrol at last call. They show up around

1:30 am get their pig skin tacos and hang until the crowds broke.

They loved the tacos.

After the Super Bowl the Pig Skin tacos were removed from the menu.

One night they showed up for Pig Skin Tacos, none was available. They suggested the problem is not the tacos it’s the name. Pig skin tacos doesn’t sound appetizing. But what to call them?

Then one of the officers in a stroke of genius said, “ its tacos, people always call cops pigs, so call them the 3 pigs tacos”

We all had a good laugh. The next night the 3 Little Pigs was on the menu and by the end of the month were a hit.


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